Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My kids are "old school"!

I think this is truly hilarious. My kids, aged 3.9999 and 6.5, enjoy most to watch and/or listen to "old stuff", or what they would probably consider old. You know, stuff we remember from when we were kids.

Examples: The Electric Company tv show (thanks Uncle B for the box sets). Schoolhouse Rock DVD collection (thanks Santa). Music from the 70s (thanks to the Veggie Tales for introducing Andrew to such classics as Funkytown and Car Wash, LOL). The rock group named "They Might Be Giants"......and I don't just mean their recent kids' stuff like Here Come the ABCs. I mean the early 90s stuff, like Particle Man and Istanbul, which I lovingly remember singing along to in college. You haven't lived 'til you've seen a 29-pound former micropreemie playing air guitar and singing "Istanbul is Constantinople, now it's Istanbul not Constantinople".......

Thinking about this never fails to make me smile. And I'll take it, for as long as it lasts. I'm perfectly happy that they're not yet into "today's music" or the older-kid videos and TV shows. Spongebob is about as mature and racy as it gets for them right now. Not to mention what they've learned from these golden-oldie videos.......remember "Lolly Lolly get your adverbs here"? How about "Conjunction Junction"?

I know that all-too-soon will come the day when one or both of the boys finally says "this old stuff is stupid" or something to that effect. What a sad day that will be. But until then, I'd better run because the Silent E song is coming on.........

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Jen said...

I can just picture them now! haha

E's up to 29 pounds. Congrats! Meghan is 28 1/2, at least I think using our home scale.

Keep 'em old school as long as you can Jen. They simply grow up too fast.

:) Jen