Tuesday, October 14, 2008

this crap is getting scary!

Of course, I mean the election/campaign process. I had a student last week tell me, unprovoked, that "if Obama wins, I'm moving to France". My response: "Are you packing your bags yet?" (yeah, I know, I probably shouldn't have but couldn't help it) And then, last Friday, another student saw my Obama bumper sticker, asked me if I support him, then went off on a rant about "the only thing he's going to do for you guys is....." . That's when I stopped listening, and interjected "what do you mean YOU guys? Wouldn't he be the president of everyone, don't we all live in the same country?" :(

And the news reports about the angry people at Republican events yelling "kill him" "terrorist" "traitor" "off with his head" "bomb Obama" etc. I'm sorry, but this is scary and ridiculous. I do not want John McCain to win, but would never shout things like that about him at any time in any situation. I absolutely cannot stand (read: HATE) President W, but would not say "kill him" or "terrorist" or anything like that, no matter how tempting it is.

We've lived the last 8 years with basically half of the country very unhappy, very disenchanted with the administration and way the country is being run. We feel that the election of 2000 was settled incorrectly, and that Bush should never have become president to start with. We feel that our country was taken to war when it shouldn't have been, and thousands of our brave soldiers died and were injured in that war when their lives and their efforts could have been put to much more use serving our country as whole, living people, not martyrs to a cause we don't agree with. But despite all this, despite the anger and frustration and disillusionment and sadness.....I do not say "Kill him" about President Bush, nor will I.

Shame on you, those that have shouted these epithets at the Republican events. You claim to be Americans, claim ownership of "family values" and being "pro-life".....how's that working out for you? Somehow the "kill him" doesn't quite jive with the pro-life agenda, at least not in my way of thinking.

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