Saturday, August 16, 2008

I need more arms, and more hours

Big A has really been enjoying that lovely summer TV staple, "American Gladiators". It's become an obsession of his, truth be told, although I really can't stand the damn thing. :( Anyway, there's an event on the show called Snapback. The contestant has a stretchy cord attached to a big harness around her waist. She tries to pull herself forward on all fours, almost like crawling, and the stretchy cord is held by the gladiator (who's obviously trying to keep her from getting anywhere).

The contestant pulls, strains, grasping for every centimeter she can move forward. As she gets ahead a bit, the name of the game comes into play, and she might Snapback if she loses tension on that stretchy cord. Often, you see a deadlock where the contestant just keeps on pulling, and so does the gladiator, and consequently neither one moves anywhere!

Bottom line, I need more arms. Oh, and a few more hours in the day would be nice too. School officially started for me last Wednesday, and DH and A start Monday (so E will too, going back to preschool). We've got a full life, and are so very blessed in so many ways, I realize this. But it's that freakin' Type A personality in me that can't stand for things not to be "right" or things to be left undone, etc. So when you factor in a new full time job (OMG, first time in 7 years), 2 crazy-active boys at 2 different schools, DH has basically 2 full time jobs, the house, the diabetic cat, both boys in therapies, I'm on 3 volunteer boards for various groups, church choir, community chorus.......I could get so much more done with another arm or two. Or three. Ok, four, tops.

And 24 hours is just not cutting it anymore. If I could eliminate the need for sleep, I'd be in great shape! I'm a night owl anyway, love to stay up and get work done, play online, blog , watch Michael Phelps try to win yet again, fold clothes, etc. But when the morning comes, GRRRRRRRR I hate to get up and I feel like crap. And then I say "I have GOT to stop staying up that late" but I never do. :( Everywhere I look in this house are things I need to do something with......file, clean, put away, fold, throw away, sort, give away, vacuum, reorganize, etc, but I never seem to be able to get to it all. And the Type A girl has a hard time seeing the value in just getting a little bit done--it's hard to say to myself "yeah, but I did get 2 pairs of pants hung into the closet, that's something......" Can I just burn the place down and start over?

So, anyone that knows how to distort time or make clocks stop, let me know, ok? Even like in the old Bewitched TV show, how she could just freeze a scene while she performed some magic or did something she didn't want anyone else to see.....that I could handle. Then, maybe I wouldn't feel so swamped, tired and depressed about all that I'm not getting done these days.


Sarah said...

Jen, I SOOOOOO could have written that post!!!!! other than the full time job away from home. Where you said, "if only I could burn the place down and start all over" I have said that SO many times lately it's not even funny. I have felt really overwhelmed here lately with all the stuff I need to get done but the lack of time to do it in! I really don't even know where to start, that most of the time I just get on the computer instead which doesn't help things AT ALL. That's the reason I am starting tonight and taking a 2 week break from the computer. HOPEFULLY I will be able to get alot done in those 2 weeks.

So just know that you are not alone in how you feel (I was glad to read your post to know I am not alone). (((((HUGS))))) to you and more wishes for a great school year this year!

lyndsey said...

(((((hugs))))) Me too! Well, except the full time job part. I'm hoping that it starts to get easier on you soon.