Tuesday, December 16, 2008

earthquake, and other bumps in the road

Well, there was an earthquake in our area this morning. I didn't feel it, but people not too far from here did. 3.6, they're saying on the news. Centered supposedly VERY near A's school, but there are no reports of damage, so I'm guessing all is well over there. Downtown Charleston had "the big one" back in 1886, and people keep speculating about whether we're due for another. Hurricanes, earthquakes.....this is a lovely place we live, huh?

A college friend passed away last night. I swear, we're not supposed to be old enough for this to happen. She was only 34, recently diagnosed with kidney cancer, and just went so fast....it's really scary. Had 3 kids, aged 4 and under. What a sad thing to happen, especially at Christmas. She'd been in Band and Orchestra with K and I, and I'd lost touch with her until just the last few months......found her on Facebook. I read the posts on her blog daily, and was so sad to see the update this morning saying she was gone. But I"m so amazed and touched by the people that are commenting--so many people from all around the world that her story has touched, even people that don't know her at all were following the story and praying for her, etc. They all have such wonderful things to say about her, and they all demonstrate such amazing faith in how they are dealing with the loss. Even her own husband's post to announce her passing starts with the words "God is good!" I can't help but think that my own faith is not equal to his and that I'm not sure I could react this same way if I were in his shoes. Bless him, for being able to rejoice in the fact that she's out of pain and has gone to Heaven.

Back in the mundane world around here....E's teacher at the new preschool is on vacation this week. So guess what? He had his very first "bad day" yesterday, complete with hitting and being sent up to the director's desk for time out. *sigh* *big big sigh* What it shows us, I suppose, is that the regular teacher has a LOT to do with his recent success in the new preschool. Thank God for the assistant director, who spoke to me privately yesterday to point out that the younger teachers who are subbing for Ms. S this week are not always able to manage E as well as Ms. S does, so consequently we shouldn't be too hard on him or be too surprised if this week's behavior is not as good as usual. Yeah, but.......he's just building friendships with these kids, etc, and now he gets to ruin it all by hitting them and getting THAT reputation as a kid who gets in trouble and can't behave, etc. *sigh*

Lastly, tonight's THE night, for A's dramatic debut as the King in the holiday show. Please wish us luck, as I'm petrified he'll have some kind of meltdown, forget his lines, refuse to put on the costume, etc. If things go well, hopefully I"ll have some pics to post later. Keep us in your thoughts tonight!


Sarah said...

Jen, sorry again about your friends passing, she was MY AGE!!!

With E, remember that kids are VERY forgiving and just like us women are entitled to bad days. I'm sure one week of not so good behavior won't label him, or at least I hope and pray for your and his sake that it doesn't. ((((HUGS))))

Also my thoughts and prayers will be with you and A tonight. I hope the show goes perfectly!! Can't wait to hear about it and see pictures.

Heather said...

I'm sure A will bring down the house tonight! I hope the week without the good teacher passes quickly and without further incident. At least you're at an understanding school now, right?

kbreints said...

Oh my goodness, just your words about her touched me. I am sorry for the loss.. amazing that her husband can be so strong. I will be thinking about that family.

His show will be adorable and I am sure it will go off without a hitch... kids are amazing that way!