Monday, December 8, 2008

random stuff in the world of stress

OMG, the last week of my life could be the model for the phrase "week from hell". Concerts galore to organize and conduct, preparing for the end of the semester, church preparations for Christmas events....basically, just way too much to do and WAY too little time. It felt like I was crawling verrrrrry slowly through a tunnel or a cave. A dark cave, very narrow, just pushing my way through and working toward that light at the other end. Keeping my head down and my movements forward until I make it through.

And now, all of a sudden, I'm out. Sun is shining, I can breathe, the weight is off of my shoulders (for now) and I can re-emerge into the real world of the holiday season as a Mom, wife, etc. Because last week, I was basically nothing but a teacher, and a frantically stressed one at that.

So now, I'm reflecting and trying to think back to enjoy some of the random wonderful moments that have occurred recently........but I was too swamped with everything else to even really appreciate them. Thought I'd share them with you too. :)

Little E just amazes me sometimes with his philosophical comments and observations. Out of the mouths of babes, right? Like last night, after I read his nighttime books and we were turning off the light and saying a prayer. He said he wanted to say a "forgive us" prayer, so I said that was great and he could go first. So he said "God, I know you want to forgive us, from our sins, but I just don't know how you do it." My jaw dropped, and I almost even laughed (but didn't) just out of shock and amazement. How profound, and I presume that this statement is something that many, many people can agree with.

His new fav Christmas special this season is Frosty. The original, of course.....accept no substitutes. :) So we've watched it over, and over, and over. That poor VHS tape is about to give up the ghost, but hopefully it'll last another couple of weeks. During one watching, I was joking with him about how Frosty's first words are "Happy Birthday". I said something like "why does he say that? That's so silly". My mini-philosopher's response? "He says it because Christmas is Jesus' birthday!" Duh, Mom, why couldn't you figure that out yourself? Seriously, I never thought of it that way, but it makes perfect sense and it sure did seem logical and matter-of-fact to him.

Ok, one more..........A finally found out on Friday about something I've known for weeks and very painfully kept secret: He's getting the lead role of King Wenceslas in the school K-2 holiday show. His teacher called me mid-day to let him tell me on the phone, because he was so overwhelmed, touched and excited by this that he couldn't stand to wait for telling me. The teachers said they were crying too, seeing him so surprised and happy and crying. Said it was like he'd won an Academy Award or something. I even was greeted that afternoon at the door of his school by a teacher saying "Aren't you the mother of the King?" :) :) :) My only regret is that I couldn't be there to see it when he was told. He loves that school so much, loves performing, takes it all so seriously and works so hard on preparing his songs, etc......I'm biased, but no one deserves this honor more. And he will be a fabulous King, I have no doubt.

17 days until Christmas......keep your eyes out for posts and pics more in keeping with the season---our tree, the kids decorating gingerbread men, shopping tales, etc. No more bitching (for now) about stupid school-related stuff. I'm getting my priorities back in order, starting now.


Dawn said...

Hi, I noticed your blog while surfing the internet. I too, had severe PE. I also have a child considered on the spectrum thanks to his vaccines. Studies are showing a strong link between Autism and Lyme Disease believe it or not. When one is suffering from severe PE it means that something caused that person to become extremely toxic. Unfortunately, those toxins are delivered to the baby in utero too. When the child is subsequently vaccinated, this adds more insult to injury which is why so many preemies are not only at risk of severe vaccine reactions, but Autism as well. I've done a lot of researching after my nightmare. Please check out my blog and email me with any questions. My family's story begins in Sept.

tafkalorelei said...

Sounds like things are just looking up, up, up for you girl and I'm glad. It's about time! Can't wait to hear how Andrew does in the play!

Anonymous said...

Jen - you've been tagged....see my blog for instructions! Simple holiday stuff!! Big hugs!!