Sunday, January 11, 2009

weekend update

Do you watch Desperate Housewives? I used to be sooo into that, and in recent years have fallen away from the habit. But this season, I'm back on board and am interested again, although not like before. Anyway, I was watching it tonight.....ok, listening to it as I posted on my forums and on Facebook. A quick summary, if you're not up with the story:

Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) is now a not-so-skinny, not quite so gorgeous Mom of 2 bratty kids. Carlos, her DH, was blind for quite a while but has regained his sight and now is back in cutthroat corporate America. Well, tonight the girls were being typically bratty, flat-out refusing to clean up toys, etc. They wouldn't listen to Gaby at all, just said "NO" to anything she told them to do. She called Carlos, interrupted his meeting to tell him about the bad behavior. When he gets home, she's complaining to him about how he's never home, the kids don't listen, etc and saying "I just wanted us to have a normal life". His response? "You want normal? Dad hates his job, Mom's home with the screaming kids. You got it!"

So is that really how it is? Is that what normal is? I'm not sure I know anymore. I know that parenting is exhausting, especially where little E is concerned, and I don't think that people who haven't experienced the severe ADHD really can understand that. You cannot relax, cannot let your guard down for a second, at least during the non-medicated hours. And K is overworked, overstressed, overtired, and underappreciated at work for what he does. So I guess, yes, we fit that so-called definition of "normal".

Anyway, I'm going to try once again to get back on the healthier-living wagon this week, and hope that it will result in some weight lost as well. Lord knows I need to! But as I write this, I'm watching a Papa John's pizza commercial advertising their new dessert pizzas............. *sigh*.

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