Wednesday, January 14, 2009

well, you knew this day was coming

Hmm, let's look at the facts for a moment, shall we?

Mom--chronic high blood pressure, on medication for many years, and one preeclamptic pregnancy (when having me)

Dad--chronic high blood pressure, on medication for many years

Me--2 severely preeclamptic pregnancies, labile and borderline blood pressures since last delivery (2004)

So, at today's oh-so-lovely yearly checkup at the OB/GYN, my BP was 142/100. Umm, that's a bit more than borderline, don't you think? Guess I knew this day was coming, and looks like it's here.....I'll be going for a follow up with a general practitioner (oops, was I supposed to have one of those kind of docs already?), and most likely getting on BP meds, probably forever. *sigh*

Great way to start out my day, huh? Oh, and the doors to our vehicles were FROZEN shut this morning.....WTF? This doesn't happen in SC!


Amy said...

I'm so sorry girl! Maybe you can get the bp under control with diet and exercise? I hear even a 20 minute walk a day can help lower your bp. My bp is finally back under control without meds now, but if you need ideas or just someone to talk to, I'm here for ya!

Lori said... sorry girl!! ((((hugs))))

Lyndsey said...

Oh no. *sigh* I'm sorry. Stupid preeclampsia. As if it isn't bad enough when it happens, it has to tag along for the rest of our lives.((((hugs))))

Jen said...

Well, I guess our twin-like tendencies strike again. So sorry to hear that news, Jen. That sux! I do have to say that I felt so much better once I went on the meds. I didn't realize how crappy I felt until they straightened it out...I hope you have good results too. I'm on an ACE great for me...last reading was 104/70. Yee haw! Hugs!
~ Jen