Saturday, April 18, 2009

2 posts in one day???

Yeah, yeah, I know, what is the world coming to when I post twice in the same day, right? LOL!!!!!!!! Well, I owed you the book review post, and since the fam is asleep already I've got a little extra computer time, so here ya go---a bonus post which I promise will be much less intellectual and psychological, etc. ;)

Mr. L played his first coach-pitch baseball game today. It was nearly over before it started, due to an unfortunate bump on his head from a baseball during the pre-game warmups. The coaches, dads, and boys were standing in 2 lines facing each other, throwing balls back and forth, and of course no one gets hit except MY child, my autism-spectrum/uber-sensitive child. I look over and he's got his back to the field, wiping away tears and sobbing and I thought we might be truly screwed for the day. If he gets upset enough, sometimes we end up just having to bag whatever activity we were trying to do, but thankfully he and I pulled it together with some deep breaths and got him back into line. The game started soon after, and was a resounding success from that point on, thank God.

And since it's not often that I get to spout off in the style of a bragging NT parent, give me a moment to revel in the experience, ok? ;) He had 3 at-bats, and went 2 for 3. Came in to score both times too, and the team won 19-6! Oh, and he volunteered to be the catcher, to my surprise. Other than the fact that the catcher gear is heavy and HOT, I think this position will be a good one for him. (think padding, protection from pain when balls hit you) So hey, maybe we've got a future Mike Piazza or Jorge Posada (pro catchers) on our hands.....



The rest of the afternoon, in the gloriously cool but oh-too-brief Lowcountry Spring weather, was spent on yardwork stuff. I got some new pine straw to replenish last year's in the front flower beds, bought an oleander plant which I hope will 1) bloom prettily and 2) live more than 5 minutes. I kill every plant I touch, seemingly, but I keep on trying. Also decided the kids and I would try a mini-garden, so I bought a big round planter, and a packet of yellow squash seeds. That, combined with a bag of Miracle-Gro seed starter soil, hopefully will produce something worth eating in a few weeks. Hopefully. Of course, Energizer's reaction to hearing that we were planting squash was basically "ewwwwwwww, I don't like squash", but maybe we'll get some science knowledge out of the whole thing, if nothing else.

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Lyndsey said...

I'm so glad he did well and enjoyed himself!! DH was a catcher, too.:)