Friday, April 17, 2009

point, counterpoint

So, I got a good idea recently from a blogger friend, PE survivor, etc.....hope she doesn't mind if I borrow it for one example of my own.

Last year at this time, I posted about a fabulous job that K was interviewing for, and we really wanted him to get it. He even got a second interview, and was apparently close in the running......but didn't get it. The job is an administrative/supervisor position in his school district, over all of the Performing Arts teachers. But he didn't get it, and stayed at his same school, teaching music.

THIS year at this time, we hear that the district's budget woes are so bad that they'll be cutting positions for next year, and among the first on the chopping block are the administrative supervisors. Yep, that same job that K didn't get might now be cut completely. Changes the perspective a bit, doesn't it?


laughingatchaos said...

Sometimes we don't understand the outcomes at the time, but celebrate when the reason comes clear later. This has happened to us too, and we've been VERY lucky with the resultant outcomes. :)

Heather said...

Unanswered prayers, huh? So glad he stayed put! And I don't mind! ;)