Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm so blessed

I know, I owe you the continuation of my review on "Transforming the Difficult Child", and I promise I'll do it......after all, tomorrow is another day, as a smart lady used to say. But in the meantime, and before I turn in tonight, I just need a semi-public place to thank God for his many blessings, and foremost among them being the lives of my sons.

I was just looking over the blogs I follow, and in the space of 10 minutes I read posts about 2 different preemies.......one of whom has died at only 5 months old, complications from chronic lung disease, and another who has been readmitted to the hospital for lung issues and low sats and is now in the PICU. And both of these are girls! If you know about preemies, you understand the significance of the gender.

Meanwhile, both of my "wimpy white boys" came home before their due dates, and were never readmitted. Never got RSV. Have never had surgeries other than for ear tubes. They eat normally, they talk, they walk, they run, they play. Sometimes they drive me crazy too, like most kids do to their parents, but stories like I read tonight remind me how amazingly blessed I am that my preemies had such wonderful and relatively healthy outcomes.

So tonight, I thank God for his goodness, and I pray for the families of Soli and Maddie, that God will strengthen them in these difficult times and will bring Soli home again (and healthy) very soon. I think I'll go give the boys an extra kiss while they sleep, and just sit and watch them breathe for a while. Can't ever take breathing for granted where preemies are concerned.....


Lyndsey said...

It's so very sad. I can't even imagine struggling the way those families do. It does make me thank God for everything I have. My prayers are with those families.

Amy said...

It really is things like this that make us thankful for what we have. I'll be squeezing my kids extra tight as well.