Thursday, June 11, 2009

My personal blog party

Jen, a great cyber-friend and fellow blogger, posted something a couple of days ago that I just love........her idea for a "blog party", an imagined gathering of wonderful blogging friends who can never get together in real life. But if they could, what a great thing it would be and how much fun they'd have! :) So, I am now officially stealing the idea, and here's how my blog party would go. Daydream with me.....

Miss Tafka would most definitely be there. Well, let me restate that: I'd have had her come over a day or so ahead of time, and help me clean up my house! Then, at the party, she'd be teaching us all how to create marvelous crafty things and how to scrapbook so that it looks like something you'd actually want to show off!

Jen, the one from whom the blog party idea originated, would be there too. She thinks she can beat me in a game of "Name that Band piece", but of course, she's sadly mistaken. We'd demonstrate our musical knowledge for the other guests, and maybe she'd even play a flute duet with me or something. (I call 2nd part!)

Another Jen would be there too, and the 2 Jens would be having a bizarre contest.....who has the most in common with me, LOL? Both Jens are really my long-lost sisters, I'm convinced of it. And this Jen might be persuaded to read some of her great poetry for us!

K is also on the guest list. It would be so much fun to meet her in person, and to have a cocktail or two while sharing ASD stories (both the happy and sad ones).

I'll invite Alexa too, just because of how cool it would be to have a real blogging celebrity at my party. She's famous, hadn't you heard? NPR commentator, et al.

L will be there, if she finds a free moment in the midst of house-selling and house-buying. My oldest, Mr. L, is betrothed to her oldest, C, so it would be nice for them to see each other again and get re-acquainted. Plus, L is going to lead the "book club" portion of the party, suggesting great reads for us and facilitating discussion. :)

4onfaith will bring the big, gorgeous Kentucky Derby hats for everyone to wear, and then she'll have us all in tears watching her amazing video about prematurity. My boys are featured players in the video, naturally.

Of course, we've gotta have Molly too, and she'll bring her "been there, done that, don't mess with me" toughness.......and teach us all how to have that too, while never forgetting how to laugh. :)

Sarah and I will hug, laugh, cry, and have a friendly battle over whose 27-weeker has the skinniest legs at this point. Or wears the smallest clothing size. Or is charted at the lowest percentile for weight.

Although she doesn't blog very much these days, I still want Mysh to be there too. I mean, come on, Australia's not that far away, right? But, if she comes to the party, she's gotta bring Nick too. I have GOT to meet him---I know it'll be just like looking into a crystal ball, seeing Mr. L and what I hope he'll be like in 10 years.

Oh, and don't forget Heather...she'll do a stand-up comedy routine for the party guests. Primarily teacher-humor and parenting stories, and I'll be in the front row laughing harder than anyone else. You know it'll be funny when you read her blog and she describes herself as Mom of 2 ferrets! ;)

Sounds fun, huh? A girl can dream, can't she? Even though my party guests are a large collection of diverse women living all over the world, we've got some great things in common--namely, love for our kids and a love for writing and sharing our stories, struggles and triumphs with each other and the world. And just as Jen's blog party ended, mine will end with a toast. Some glasses will have wine, some sweet tea, some Diet Coke (the drink of champions), but that matters not......what matters are the friends we share it with, and we clink our glasses to celebrate that friendship and the amazing way that blogging has brought us together.


K said...

sounds awesome
I am honored to be on your guest list

Lori said...

That sounds awesome chickadee...and I'm just thrilled that I'm first on your guest list! LOL!!!! Hope y'all have a great time at Disney!

4onfaith said...

I'm there! Even if it's just in my heart! Love ya J!

Anonymous said...

No, I believe I totally said YOU would kick MY butt in the Name That Band Piece contest. LOL!

gwendomama said...

Can I come too?

gwendomama said...

PS I am sorry, but for one second, Laughingatchaos looked like 'LaughingatTACOS' which is FUNNEEE.

Jen said...

Ah geez...where the heck have I been. Thanks for the party invite my long-lost PE sista! ;)