Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One of those dates that reminds you of something

I hate when this happens. I've always been the dates guru in my family, even since I was a kid. I could remember everyone's birthday, and any other random date of any random event you could imagine......I was the one people would ask, "when did ________ happen?" and I could remember.

But every once in a while, a date comes up and I can't (at first) put my finger on the significance. I'll write the date on a check or a paper at school, and think "why does June 2 ring a bell?" "What is June 2?" and then it hits me.....June 2 was Energizer's due date back in 2004. You know how Moms talk about their babies' due dates: "I'm having a June baby" "She's an October baby" etc. Well, Energizer was supposed to be a June baby, but in reality was a March baby. Early March, actually. The difference between June and March is pretty damn huge......several pounds, several months in the hospital, and (so far) 5+ years of therapies, developmental pediatricians and ADHD, complete with medications.

And just to further commemorate this day, we ran into one of the boys' nurses this morning. I see her once or twice a year, because her kids go to the same school that Mr. L does. Today was field day, and Energizer and I went so that we could follow Mr. L's class as they rotated through the game stations. The nurse was doing the same, and she recognized and remembered me, which never ceases to amaze me. She spoke briefly to Energizer, then was called away to her official duties, LOL!

On another topic, I think I need to make an appointment for Mr. L down at the developmental ped. We haven't been in a while, and he's been doing so well that she feels comfortable spacing our visits further apart. But even as I write this, I wonder what she's going to be able to do, what can she tell me or teach me that I don't already know? My concerns right now pretty much revolve around anger and anxiety. Anger, in that he seems to be unable to express a mild form of anger, like annoyance, etc. It's either calm and fine or livid! Yelling at Energizer, yelling at baseball teammates who violate some kind of rule (in his mind). Anxiety has been exhibited too, mostly in what outwardly appears like an irrational fear of something or some situation, but it's obviously not irrational to him. Imagining that something "bad" that's happened will happen over and over and over again, etc. And, he's overly anxious about what others do, specifically Energizer. He freaks out if E is either "breaking a rule" or doing something even remotely "risky", like standing on a pier next to the river as we did a few nights ago. He's uber-focused on getting E away from the edge of the water, telling him to stand back, move etc and then PUSHING him back when he hadn't moved.

In general, I just don't like his attitude and way of responding much of the time, and don't always know what to credit to the Aspie in him, and what's just "almost-8-year-old boy" as they test limits, learn to express themselves, etc. *sigh* But to de-stress and give myself a good laugh every so often, I'm reading a new book: "Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid". Co-written by a mom of an Aspie and the mom of a child with bipolar disorder....I'm seeing a lot to relate to in there already! I'll give you an official review when I'm done, ok?

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