Friday, May 9, 2008

blah blah blah

That's how I'm describing today......blah. It's Friday, the morning after my band's spring concert. I'm exhausted and ready for school to be over (after today, I'll have 5 more days to go). And it's pitch dark outside and pouring rain. Talk about lack of motivation to do anything......I just want to collapse onto the couch and watch mindless TV all day. Please don't make me go to school!!!!!!! Oh, and the concert pretty much sucked too, including a McGyver-ish incident involving masking tape and a random piece of metal I found that I had to use to rig an instrument back in to playing condition just so we could continue. Guess I should appreciate the fact that we are able to perform a concert at all, considering the fact that we only have 12 kids and no bass instruments. But DH and the boys were there last night, too, so I was a bit more embarrassed for them to see the reality of what I deal with every day. Guess it's a good thing that our school community (teachers, admin, etc) doesn't know any better or expect any more of us than they do. Many of them were there last night and just raving about it, hugging me, etc etc etc........but I just felt blah. :(

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4onfaith said...

Big gigundo cyber hugs to you Jen! I think what you do is phenominal and ALL of those kids are so lucky to have you.