Thursday, November 20, 2008

something happy for a change

....and damn it, it's about time. :)

Went to pick up A from school yesterday, driving around in the car loop, waiting my turn to drive up to the sidewalk and have a teacher open the van door to put him inside. (gotta love elementary school!) The music teacher happened to be the one helping him today, and as she helps him step up into the van, she says to me "I need to talk to you" in a very serious-sounding tone and serious face.

Fear grips my heart, wondering what on earth had happened today......a major meltdown, horrible teasing and making-fun of him, he said or did something totally inappropriate, etc. She closed the van door behind him, and walked around to my side. Still looked very serious, and says to me "do NOT say a word" and then leans in to whisper to me. She also said to A "cover your ears, I need to tell Mom a secret" which he did, without hesitation.

Then, up close, she started smiling and said "Mr. D (drama teacher) and I have talked over who should get special parts in the Christmas show, and we want A to be the King!" I smiled too, naturally, and clarified that she wants me to wait for them to tell him, not to reveal it myself, and she agreed. Apparently, the King is "Good King Wenceslas" and this is basically the lead part!

We said goodbye, and then he took his hands off of his ears, and said "is it a secret just for grownups?" I said yes, that for now it was just something for grownups to know. But wow, this is HARD to keep this secret from him, and from the world. I'm soooooo very proud of him and excited for this recognition! Thank you, Lord, for giving us the opportunity to send our kids to this wonderful school with wonderful teachers! :) Way to go, little man. Pics to come......the Christmas show is Dec. 16.

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