Monday, May 25, 2009

packing up and moving on

Most band directors I know, and most teachers in general, teach at several different schools over their career. I'd say 3 schools is typical, even more is pretty common as well. K is in his 4th school right now, and I expect he won't retire from the current job, meaning there will be some more changes in his future.

And me? Only 2 so far, and if my career takes the direction I am hoping for (into Music Therapy) then I may finish my life as a teacher with only 2 schools under my belt. I taught at School 1 for 8 years, and now have finished 6 years at School 2. But tomorrow, I will finish packing up my personal belongings from my classroom, and turn in my keys. On Friday, I will go to graduation and march in with the faculty, listen to the seemingly endless list of graduate names being called, then get in my car and drive away from there for the last time. There are a few people around there, some students and some teachers, that I'll miss and wish I could stay in touch with. I'm not sure that I'll be able to, but it's a nice thought, at least. The school will be celebrating it's 100th anniversary in 2015, and I used to wonder if I'd still be around at that point.......I know it'll be a BIG deal in the community. But I've been ready to leave for a while now, just scared to make that jump. I'm at peace with it now though, knowing it was the right decision. Emotionally, I'm outta there already!

So, thanks BEHS for coming along at just the right time for me, and giving me the chance to teach Band part-time when I needed it. Thanks to the Band kids I taught there over the years......thanks for being brave enough to get out there and perform with me in front of your classmates, daring to thwart the "athletics is king" attitude that is so pervasive. I think we made some good music, and had some fun along the way. I hope you learned something, and that music will continue to be a part of your life. I never saw myself teaching high school, but I'm glad I had the chance to do so. We can remember Solo and Ensemble, getting soaked in the rain at Homecoming, the overnight trips to Myrtle Beach for Region, playing PDQ Bach, the Hey Song,'s been a challenging and mostly fun ride. Thanks for going with me.

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Lori said...

I'm so excited for you Jen!! So happy that you are going to make a change that could very well be something that will make you so happy!! Woot woot!