Monday, July 13, 2009

bumming, not sure why

It's not Friday, but I feel like I need another Friday Fragments post........just random tidbits of crap that are going on in my life that I want to write about. Nothing profound and life-changing today, I'm afraid. (as if it ever is, LOL!) Maybe we could call it "Monday Morsels". ;)

**The last two nights I have had dreams that I decided to return to my previous (and truly soul-crushing) job, rather than go back to college for Music Therapy as I'm actually doing. WTF? I don't usually put much stock into the interpretation of dreams, but I can't figure out for the life of me why I'm dreaming this stuff.

**Had a party at the house on Saturday night, and am still mildly pissed off about the sparse attendance. Mostly upset at the local friends who never really responded to the invitation other than a "not sure, we'll let you know" etc. I'm sorry.......I thought we were all adults here, and understood what manners were. Don't give me the "I'm so busy, the kids, etc" excuse. I've got 2 kids too, and I'll bet you the minimum salary for a major league baseball player ($400 K in case you wondered) that raising MY little guys is just a tad tougher than the healthy, brilliant and oh-so-NT kids you were blessed with. But I am also sure that when you invite us to something, we're there. Grrrrr......

**Took Mr. L to social skills group today, and it occurred in the therapy practice's brand-new clinic space, which is INCREDIBLE! So nice and roomy, colorful, modern, welcoming, etc and the therapists seemed really proud to show it to us. :) This is a nice thing, considering we'll be visiting this clinic 2x weekly until the end of time, unless something drastic changes.

**Feeling frustrated about weight again. Haven't actually weighed myself even since we got back from the Disney trip, but I know I've been "emotional eating" more than I'd like and I can feel the pounds coming back on. Those 6-7 lbs. I fought so hard to lose over the last couple of months of school? They're baaaackkkkk. Or at least I think they are. {{sigh}} I did try running yesterday though, and kind of liked it (is that weird?). No one else in my family either wants to do it or even can do it (K has knee issues), and I don't relish the thought of saying "bye, see you guys later, going for a run". All 3 of them will be playing a game, watching something on TV, etc and I'll be out there sweating......not sure that's going to happen very often. Maybe after school starts. But see, that's my problem. With me, there's always an excuse, always a reason to procrastinate. :(

So anyway, I've gotta get out of this funk. I know it's a funk because just thinking about tomorrow and what we might do makes me tired (keep in mind, all 4 of us are on summer vacation for a couple more weeks, setting our own schedules or LACK of any schedule, etc). I end up thinking "oh, I don't feel like doing that, maybe we could just stay home" even if doing that means going to the movies or shopping. And I'm snapping at the kids way more than I should, more than I typically do, but then I hate myself for the way I sound. :(

Guess this should have been called "Melancholy Monday Morsels"............


TJ said...

(((Jen))) Put on some of your favorite music, open the windows, and breathe it all in. You've had an incredibly busy and eventful summer, and I don't know about you, but sometimes I get "funky" when things quiet down. I'd prefer to ride waves and roller coasters for a living, kwim? :)

K said...

hugs darling Jen
I so know what you mean - I usually need a moodaltering expeirence to shake me out of the funk - like a movie or buying a new dress

Lori said...

((((Hugs)))) I think we need a pe survivors weekend SOON!!