Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fragments

Ok, I'm trying something new......thanks to Jen for the idea of Friday Fragments!


Friday Fragments, the Water Park Edition

~ Took the family to a local water park today, and they loved it. I did too. What I hate is how it seems as if NO ONE monitors their kids in public places anymore, except me and K, that is. :(

~ On our way to the water park, we drove by the kiddos' school to look at teacher assignments posted on the door today. WOO HOO, Energizer got the teacher I asked for, the teacher he absolutely MUST have for success in Kindergarten. *sigh of relief* Mr. L will have 3 third grade teachers (all kids rotate between them), so it really doesn't matter who he is assigned to for "homeroom".

~ A sweet but heartbreaking scene I observed at the water park: A dad, gray hair, probably late 40s or older, with his son, approximately age 11. Holding hands, walking all around the spraying fountains together, etc. Something made me look closer, and I noticed the son putting his other hand over his ear and cringing as they walked under a waterfall. I watched for a few more seconds, and saw that the boy's swim trunks were loose and drooping a bit, exposing a pair of what we called "swimmies" know, the colorful swim diaper things that babies and toddlers often wear in the pool. So, I made my educated guess/assumption that this is a child on the autism spectrum. Could be wrong, I suppose, but I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I kept sneaking glances at them, watching how carefully the dad walked the child through all kinds of water "obstacles" .....under, over, through, etc. Water wasn't deep, maybe a foot at the most, and Dad and son explored it all. Watching them just really touched me, how good the Dad seemed to be with him, etc, and then there's always that "but for the grace of God" thought too if you know what I mean........

~ A week ago, I had a moment of temporary insanity and invited some friends over for a party to be held at my house on Saturday night, July 11. WTF was I thinking? Yes I know, these families have almost all had gatherings at their homes (which we've attended), and now we ought to return the favor and have something here, but OMG the amount of cleaning and crap I've had to do in this house to get ready. And there's still tons more, and only 20 hours to go until they get here! K keeps telling me it doesn't matter, they all know we have kids and our house won't look 100% perfect, but I just can't stand the thought of having people in here unless we're at least on 97% (*or better, of course).

~ Speaking of the party, got any good margarita recipes? I decided to make an interesting flavor or two, beyond just the standard kind, and am still looking for ideas. Comment away if you've got anything!

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K said...

I have these raw moments too sometimes in public - when I see someone like the dad and the boy
Like though they are two strangers I suddenly know everything about them