Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've got nothing

Nothing witty, nothing funny, nothing exciting or profound to share. Been hoping I'd come up with something, and have been postponing doing a new blog entry so that I could wait until inspiration hit, but it hasn't. ;) I guess I'll just ramble, ponder and write in a stream-of-consciousness style. It's midnight as I write this, so it should be really interesting, LOL!

Summer's at an end around here--and no, I don't mean summer as measured by the heat index. That's still roaring along in the 90s every day. What I mean is that the most dreaded 2 words of the entire school year for band directors have arrived..........BAND CAMP. I think the whole experience should qualify under "cruel and unusual punishment", and I've been involved in it for plenty of years, so you know I can say that. K is there every day now, 8 am-5:30 pm. Next week, 8-8. I'm going over in the afternoons to run a sectional and remind myself that I was once a trumpet player and once a teacher as well. We're having to ship the kids off to a babysitter for 2 hours every day, but it looks as if they're having fun and at least it gives them a change of scenery and me a little Mom break too.

Found out a few days ago that one of Mr. L's teachers for this year has changed grade levels, so he's getting someone new to the school. I hate the unknown (as it relates to Mr. L) and am really really REALLY hoping this new teacher is a good one. He'll actually have 3 teachers this year, which means 3 for me to keep up with, 3 to educate in the ways of Asperger's and Mr. L in particular, 3 personalities, 3 styles of teaching, etc. {sigh} Seems like all I'm hearing these days is "3rd grade is SUCH a step up from 2nd, so different, so much harder". Great, I can't wait. Academically, I know without a doubt that he can handle it. Emotionally/socially/organizationally? Ehhh.....not so much, I'm afraid. In a lot of ways, he's still so immature, NONworldly, etc. And that's good to some extent, I guess, but if we want him to have any hope socially we've got to start promoting age-appropriate language and actions. WTF am I talking about? Well how about this........most 8 year olds aren't going to call it a "boo boo" when you scrape your knee, cut your finger, etc.

I just ordered what looks to be a great new book from Amazon the other day, The Hidden Curriculum. Can't wait to read it, memorize it, plaster its rules to my forehead or tattoo them on my arms or something. I posted a week ago on Hopeful Parents and went on and on about needing to create lists for Mr. L so that he can know what is and is NOT ok to say to various kinds of people. Someone suggested this book in her comment to my post, and I'm very grateful. Looks like it was actually written just for us! :) I'll review the book once I've devoured it. Give me a day or so, ok? :)

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K said...

Mr L sounds like such a love - how heart melting "boo boo" must be