Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm just full of these cute names for my blog posts, huh? ;)

~ Well, it's the last full week of life as we know it, LOL.......meaning, the last week before K starts the dreaded BAND CAMP and we essentially don't see him for the next 3 months. Every year that goes by makes me hate marching season more and more. When I get done with my own schooling, and am actually earning a salary again for a change, I swear we will make it happen for K to get out of doing marching stuff ever again. He can "refuse" that part of his contract; it means less money, fewer contracted days, but it will be well worth it. No more Friday nights wasted at meaningless football games, no more 6 am-11 pm Saturday contest trips, no more 3 or 4 nights a week at practice and getting home just at bedtime. :(

~ Hoping to have a yard sale this weekend, something we've needed to do for about 5 years, LOL. There are things that we've had in our garage, unpacked/unused, ever since moving to this house. There are furniture items we don't use anymore, baby stuff and clothes, and countless other things that make our garage look like a tornado hit it! Pray for no rain!

~ so fortunate that this area has so many water parks, because the kids love them and are really becoming good swimmers, especially Mr. L. We went to Splash Zone today and had a ball! Mr. L is swimming underwater like a champ; I'm so proud of him! A little daredevil-ish too....he took K with him on the BIG water slide over and over and over, while Energizer and I hung out in the regular pool area.

And tonight, at bedtime, he gave me one of those rare peeks into what he's thinking, how his mind works, etc. He was telling me that something had happened at the start of one of their slides down today.....it's a two-person "tube", and he was in front. Thought K was seated and ready too, but he wasn't. So Mr. L pushed off and started to slide, and says K had to really jump to get in before the float was gone! Then, a few minutes later, he was almost in tears, saying "I just can't stop thinking about Dad and how far he had to jump to get on the slide with me, and how much he could have gotten hurt if he had missed getting on". He really did start to cry, then insisted he had to get up and go to the bathroom to "wipe away my tears". He has got to be the most sensitive kid, with the biggest heart, of anyone I've ever seen. :) :)

~ Energizer fell asleep in my arms as we sat in the recliner tonight. I reminded him, as his eyes drooped, of how he used to do that every night when he was a baby. I'd give him a bottle, rock him, and then take him to his room after he was asleep (and after I'd gotten my fix of snuggle time with him). No, not the textbook bedtime routine, and probably frowned on by most people, but I wouldn't trade those times for the world. He was soooo wiped out by today's "water park adventures" (his words), so he just snuggled up in my lap with a throw blanket and some stuffed animals and let me rock him. The last thing he said was "I love you", followed by a sweet, sloppy kiss. I asked him earlier today if he'd always let me snuggle with him, even when he got older and bigger.....he said, "yes, sometimes I will". Please Lord, let there be some of those times! I can't bear the thought of not having those special moments. :)


The Queen said...

Ahhh, your boys are both so sweet!! As for the bedtime routine, we use to do the exact same when my girls were babies. Bethanie would get held, take a bottle and I would just snuggle her till I decided to put her in her bed asleep. Elianna was about the same only I would lay down with her alot to get her to sleep. It's not the way they recommend but like you I wouldn't change it for a second...I miss those nightly snuggles.

K said...

what dolls your kids are
cho chweet

Lyndsey said...

what sweethearts!!

Anonymous said...

My hubby left high school band teaching nearly a decade ago, and every summer we give thanks that he's not prepping/planning/pissing about marching band. LOL! So I totally feel your pain.