Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3 and 3

Ok, here's a new idea I had this morning, and figured I'd try it out. I was thinking over some things I wanted to post and complain about, but then I also remembered a few good things that have happened that I'm thankful I'll give ya both. This is a list of today's Top 3 Good Things and Top 3 Bad Things:

Today stinks because--
* it took me an hour and 45 minutes to drive to school this morning, because of the #&*@* traffic! Should have taken 20 minutes at the most. So I was 30 minutes late for my 45-minute-long Band class. :(
*Our new "refurbished" laptop died last night, while I was using it. I swear I didn't do anything, but it just crashed and now it doesn't even recognize that it has a hard drive at all!!!! Refurbished, my butt. :(
*I cannot be away from the Kleenex box for any length of time, and the amount of horrendously yucky junk that's coming out of my nose is just ridiculous. :( Isn't it May yet?

Today rocks because--
* Barack Obama finally threw Rev. Wright under the bus, as they say. I know he hated to do it, was hoping he wouldn't have to, but had no choice. I hope this will turn things around so he can get back to focusing on what matters to us.
* Andrew's getting recognized at church on Sunday for a piece of artwork he made in Sunday school. Our church uses young kids' artwork each year as covers for the church directories, and his got chosen this time!
* There are only 12 more days of school for me, after today. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and one more:
* DH interviewed this morning for the new job he wants (I've posted about it before) and thinks it went well. He should be finding out for sure within the next couple of weeks. Fingers and toes are staying crossed until then! :)

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Amy said...

Yuck about the traffic. Fingers crossed and prayers sent for DH. I hope that he gets the job!!!