Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yuck, a Spring cold

UGH!!!!!!! I feel like total crap. :( It started coming at me on Sunday afternoon......just a hint of sore throat, etc. I tried to convince myself it was nothing and would go away, but it didn't. Yesterday was miserable, and I took a 2 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon but it didn't help much. I dragged myself to Singers practice last night, although I shouldn't have.

Today's not been much better. Coughing has started, plus endless congestion, sneezing, etc. Isn't it too late in the season for this? GRRRRRRRR! Thank goodness I have taken tomorrow off from school anyway, to go to an awards ceremony at A's school.

So, tonight I'm tucking myself in with a big box of Kleenex, some leftover pizza and Pennsylvania primary returns. Looks like they're already calling it for HC, but it remains to be seen how big her victory is. I can't seem to turn off the "talking heads", even though they just keep rehashing the same old stuff over and over in endless convolutions of spin. :( All I've got to say is: OBAMA '08!!!!!!!!!!!


tafkalorelei said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Being sick rots! ((((hugs))))

Amy said...

Hope you feel better soon... and Ditto to your "Obama '08"!!!