Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A really nice morning


This is my son. :) This is my son with the award he won in his first grade class today.

I rant on and on in this blog about my desire to be the typical Mom, in a typical situation with my kids regarding school, activities, etc. It really felt like I was that this morning. The class had an awards ceremony for the 3rd quarter, and parents were invited even though it was just being done in the classroom (not a big assembly). I took off from my school today just to be there, and am so glad I did.

Only 2 other parents were able to be there (well, one grandfather, one mom, and me). The presentation of awards only lasted about 10 minutes since it was just their class of 16 kids, and everything went absolutely smooth and perfect. He sat with the other kids on the carpet, came up to accept his award when his name was called, clapped and cheered for the others when they won (very appropriately!) and came over to hug me after it ended. I took the above pic, chatted with the teacher and the other Mom who was there, and then gave him a hug and left since it was almost their lunchtime.

Nothing out of the ordinary at meltdowns, no outbursts that might have drawn unwanted attention, just a proud kid who blended right in (IMHO) to the class full of proud kids who were all showing off their certificates and medals. It was so nice, maybe even nicer for me than for him. Here's hoping for a lot more nice, typical, pleasant occasions like this......


tafkalorelei said...

That's awesome!! WTG Andrew!

Amy said...

Hooray! WTG Andrew! :-)