Saturday, April 5, 2008

My thoughts are drifting dangerously... the idea of moving. Yep, you heard right. Not moving out of the Lowcountry, just moving out of this house. Been here exactly 5 years this month, and DH swore we'd "never move again" when we got settled in here. And he's stuck firmly to that mantra, until today..........

He's applying for a new job. Still in education, but this is more of a district-level administrative type of thing, and I really hope he gets it! It would be a bit more money (we think), but also would be a great thing for him in terms of career advancement, etc. A great opportunity, and (although I'm biased LOL) he seems perfectly positioned for the job---in terms of qualifications, experience, and already being a successful teacher in that district anyway!

But, although the job would have him driving around a lot from school to school, his office/home base would be in the rousing metropolis of Moncks Corner SC.....a 42 minute drive, according to Google maps. And that's without traffic--- anyone who knows the Lowcountry can tell you that traffic is truly everywhere these days. :(

So, DH actually said the words "maybe we'd need to move" today, and my mind started racing. I do like this house, but all along have wished it was bigger. And as the boys grow, I feel that way more and more. We sold another house to move here, and the old one was actually bigger than this. But, it was in an older neighborhood that was "going downhill" a bit, and was not very centrally located for DH or I to drive to work. This one IS central, and was new construction (2003) so we got to make some choices during building (countertops, etc).....but smaller in square footage than the old place. We put in Pergo floors a couple of years ago, and really like them. Our yard is nice....backs up onto woods, and we see the occasional deer in the backyard, etc. But I think all the time about how we need more space and what can be done about it. Convert the garage? (we never park cars in it anyway.....) Build a sunroom or something on the back? But we've never gotten serious about doing any of that, it just remains in the daydream stage for me.

Little does DH know how dangerous it is to say "maybe we'd need to move" to me. Hahahahaha! Seriously, I immediately started thinking "hmm, ok, we could move closer to the kids' schools and to DH's new office.....let's see what's for sale around there" and I went straight to realtor. com to check it out. I know, it's a terrible time to sell, and I dread the thought of packing this place up and putting it on the market etc. But, there are some areas much nearer to Moncks Corner that have nice neighborhoods with some gigantic houses........ooooh, so tempting. I can't allow myself to get my hopes up too much on this, or to get too far ahead of the game in shopping for a new house before he even interviews for this job!

Must.....resist......the buy a Sunday paper tomorrow and peruse the listings...............LOL!


Amy said...

Crossing my fingers that he gets the job and your move might become a reality. I drive 45 minutes each way to work (without traffic) so I totally understand why you would want to relocate. Our house is quite small and I know that within 5 years we'll be ready to sell ours as well, and maybe by then we'll be able to move closer to where I work (unfortunately the closer to Boston you get the more expensive it is). Anyway...good luck to your DH!!! :)

lyndsey said...

Eeeek! That would be exciting! I love moving! I know that probably sounds weird but I've moved at least every three years of my entire life so I'm going stir crazy here. I look at the online realtor sites all the time.;) I hope he gets the job, that would be wonderful for all of you!

Jen said...


Loved it.

Have fun dreaming and potentially moving on up.