Friday, March 27, 2009

a good day, at least so far

It's dark and dreary outside, severe weather is headed this way, but I feel remarkably good about life in general today. :) Our school is having a blood drive today, and I donated for the first time in a while. DH and I have been semi-regular donors ever since Energizer was born and needed so many transfusions. I'm B positive, which apparently is a much-needed blood type. It was easy and quick....hardly felt the needle, and the whole experience was good. Oh, and they had to check my BP before I was approved to give......can you say 122/75, baby! :) :) :) That's what I'm talking about!

And it's Friday, thank God, so that means no rehearsals of any kind today, YIPPEE!!!!!!!! And we're taking the family, Nana included, out to a seafood dinner tonight, rain or shine. We deserve it after this insane week.

And lastly, I tried on an 12 year old dress last night, that I've worn a grand total of once. It was a bridesmaid dress, that I wore in my cousin's wedding in 1997. Floor length, black with a white/sequined design across the front at the neckline. Very elegant and formal, which is just what I need for the community chorus concert I'm in tomorrow night! I had no idea whether I could get into the dress or not, but I did! Ok, it was snug but it will work, and I can't wait to wear it. :) :) :) Now if I could just make this major life decision.......

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Heather said...

TGIF to you! Not that it makes a difference, but my vote is to take the school leap!

I dream about Lee's Inlet Kitchen at least once a month, and I'm so jealous you get awesome food anytime.