Saturday, March 14, 2009

Interesting Saturday

Man, I'm exhausted. But yes, I'm sitting here blogging and reading the bloggings of others, rather than going to bed. Deal with it, LOL!

First of all, Energizer was in RARE form today. We've not had many days like this since he started on medicine for the adHd. And yes, we did give it to him today....believe me, I went back and double checked the pill bottle. :( Couldn't stay still at all, wasn't listening, defiant, uncooperative, in other words, a nightmare was had by all for a large portion of the day. *sigh*

But, the morning was nice. We went to the Gibbes Museum of Art in downtown Charleston, which I'm embarrassed to say I'd never been to before, even after living here nearly 16 years. Ooops. We all really enjoyed it, and it was Community Day which meant admission was free---can't get much better than that. There were snacks and crafts for the kids, live music outside, very very nice and I'm glad we went.

Then, I loaded up on summer clothes for Mr. L at Old Navy. Got a great coupon in the mail earlier this week---30% off of your whole purchase! So I got him 3 t shirts, a polo shirt, 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of khaki dress pants, a polo for myself, and one for Energizer...and my grand total spent was $72! Average of about $8 per item--not bad, huh? I love getting great deals like that, feeling like I beat the system, LOL!

Oh, one last bit of's official, I'm on BP meds. Atenolol, to be exact. You PE survivors will probably recognize that name, it's pretty common. I finally was persuaded to obtain a family doctor, since I've never really had one. My first visit to her was on Friday, and BP was 154/104. Lovely. But in a way I'm glad, because I was afraid the doc would be reluctant to put me on medication 5 minutes after meeting me. But considering the way my pressure looked in her office, she didn't hesitate. Oh, but she did tell me I was "just a baby" and too young to be having BPs like that. Thanks, preeclampsia, yet another triumph for you. Yay.

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Lyndsey said...

I'm sorry to hear about the BP meds. Stupid #&*%$?@! PE.