Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a beautiful Mommy moment

So, what are the best 2 things about being a teacher?

June and July! :)

Seriously, it's wonderful having the same schedule that my kids do, being off in the summer and for school holidays, etc. And the fact that DH does too......very nice.

So, I cherish the times that we have absolutely nowhere to go, nothing planned, no time constraints, and we can just do whatever, however and whenever. I had some great time like that with little E this afternoon.

We'd taken the kids to the library this morning and loaded up on books and DVDs (Peter Pan for the little guy, Bill Nye the Science Guy for big A). Later in the afternoon, E brought me a book about the farm that we'd checked out, and asked me to read it. For all of his ADHD-type stuff, the sometimes out-of-control behaviors, wildness, etc, he sure does love to be read to and will sit and let you read for as long as you're willing.

So we settled in on my bed and started reading this rather long (and a bit over his head, as I soon discovered) book about farming, soils, etc. But that was ok, because as the book neared the end, he turned onto his side, snuggled up against me, and closed his eyes. I know that every Mom thinks her child looks angelic when they're sleeping, but mine really does!

I started reading softer, and finished the book. Truth be told, I was sleepy too, so I put the book down and closed my eyes as well. DH woke us up 2 hours later, just in time for supper! It's hard to describe adequately, I guess, but I just loved the chance to snuggle with my baby while he's still young enough to put up with that. And the free time to just take an impromptu nap when I felt like it.......priceless.


Heather said...

I'm so jealous of that family time! DH gets four weeks a year (which is a lot, I suppose), but it always goes by way too fast. It's awesome that you and your husband get that time together with the boys to grow your family!

Amy said...

I love those snuggly moments... I wish that I got more of them.

lyndsey said...

Awww! That is so sweet! I love snuggling with them and watching them sleep, and as you said, maybe even sleep, too.