Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I think I've truly lost it

What was I thinking? Will someone please answer this for me? What was I thinking, taking on the job of teaching chorus at my school for next year, in addition to band? OMG, am I insane?

Long story short, our chorus teacher's family is moving/being transferred, so the school's in a bind since it's almost July and now they need a teacher. Chorus is only 2 classes per day, just like my Band is only 2 classes as well. So when they called and asked if I'd be willing to do it, and that my salary would double, I had to at least consider it. And in the end, K and I decided it would be worth a try. If I hate it/am miserable, I guess I could go back to Band only for the following year.

I was up most of the night last night, worrying and praying about this. Told the school I'd call them this morning with my answer. My thoughts just kept coming back to the reality that no job is perfect, no one is entirely contented with their job at all times.........and that my Mom and K's parents all did plenty of jobs along the way that they might not have loved. But they did them, for the sake of their families and to give us kids what we needed and even some of what we wanted.

So in that light, I suppose I can take on this added responsibility for the sake of my family and making things easier for us. The 1998 and 2001 vehicles we're still driving won't last forever, so this added income will help when car payment time comes around. (Whew, it's been nice not having one, though) And being considered full time at my school means I contribute to retirement, which I've not been doing for the last 7 years. Benefits too......gotta look into that, see if I could cover myself for health insurance and maybe make it cheaper all around if K could drop me from his coverage.

I know I'll miss the "me" time during the day, that's gonna be tough to get used to. And I won't be quite as free to volunteer at the kids' schools, go on field trips, etc. I'm determined, though, to find a good balance and still do those things as much as I can. In the end, I hope to still be Mom first, and music teacher second, as much as that's possible.

So, congratulate me, LOL! I'm now the entire music department at my school! Hope I haven't made a big mistake.


Jen said...

WOOHOO Jen. Congrats on your added responsibilities, and yes, you can always change plans the next school year.

Anonymous said...

Big hugs Jen - - congrats on taking more on - although I know that you are mixed about it at the can do will be fabulous!

~Denise~ said...

Nothing like keeping yourself a little busy! ;) Congrats and good luck!