Thursday, June 5, 2008

a lighter moment

Seems like all of my blog posts recently are so dark, gloomy, philosophical, and LONG. So, for a change of pace, you get something hilarious that happened in our house tonight. I swear this is an absolutely true story. :)

Tonight was Tball practice, so we were hurrying to get the boys ready to leave so we wouldn't be late. I asked if they'd gone to the bathroom yet, and they said no and both tried to run in there at the same time. I told E to wait, let A go first, but A says "it's ok, there's enough room for both of us". Ahh, the joys of parenting boys!

So anyway, they're both standing there in front of the toilet, and I'm in the living room gathering up their shoes, and I hear A say "ready, set, pee!" I literally thought I was going to collapse from laughing! Talk about something that you never imagine yourself hearing..........that is, until you have children, specifically boys.


Jen said...

Too funny!

My girls can't do that together. ;)

lyndsey said...

how funny! :)