Thursday, June 19, 2008

what we've been up to

Have I told you how much I love summer time, when we're all at home, etc? Oh yeah, I did, in that last post...........

Anyway, figured I'd share some pics from what we've been up to this week. It's Bible School time, so K and I are working on that each morning (kids are there too), but in our afternoons we've been trying to keep the kids busy, entertained, etc. Saw Kung Fu Panda yesterday. It was cute, not the same old format of cartoon movies in recent years. 4 thumbs up (one for each of us, LOL)!

Last night, we tried (NOT for the first time) to teach A to ride his bike sans training wheels. After all, he's almost 7 and will be in 2nd grade, so it's time. He's been reluctant to try, but gave it a go this time, although only in the yard. Here we are trying it---ignore the woman in the white shirt who's pushing him, LOL:


And what was little E doing? Riding his little red car, and then deciding he had a better way to sit on it:


Today, we hit the local county park. It's got a great hot-weather activity for kids, usually just called "the sprinkler". Basically, it's an area with multiple fountains spraying out of the ground. They're various heights, etc, and kids can just run and play in them. It's the place to be when it's hot, and only costs $1 per person to get into the park! The boys absolutely had a blast, didn't want to leave when it was time to, etc. Here are my skinny-minis in action:



And afterwards, right before we left:


So if it doesn't rain tomorrow, we might hit the beach. Anything to keep the guys busy and avoid 24/7 TV and computer games. :)

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tafkalorelei said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!! Great pics!