Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lowcountry SC Places to Visit

Thanks Lori and Amy for the idea for this. Unlike you guys, I guess, I happen to live in a pretty popular tourist destination, so it will be hard to limit my list to 10, LOL......but I'll choose the 10 I like best!

(in no particular order unless I say otherwise! :) )

1. eat at the Charleston Crab House or Gilligan's. There are tons of local seafood places, but these are the best IMHO. And you've GOT to have seafood if you're on the coast, right?

2. Take a harbor cruise, or even take the ferry out to Ft. Sumter. Did this last weekend, and it's a must for history fans!

3. Walk the Battery and make sure to go past Rainbow Row. Views are incredible!

4. Stay at the Number Two Meeting Street B&B. Did this for my 10th wedding anniversary....expensive but wonderful!

5. Walk through (and shop!) in the Market district. If you start saving now, you might even be able to buy a sweetgrass basket.

6. If you're traveling with kids, go to the Children's Museum of the Lowcountry. A great way to spend an afternoon, and not terribly expensive. Great fun for kids from infants up to at least age 10.

7. Visit a local beach....I like Sullivan's Island and the Isle of Palms.

8. Tour a historic plantation...I'd recommend either Boone Hall or Magnolia.

9. The Charleston Museum is great, very educational about the history of the city and surrounding areas.

10. This is a bit outside the Charleston metro area, but worth a trip: Cypress Gardens. Several movies have been filmed here, including The Patriot (Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger). You can use one of their canoes to paddle yourself on a ride around the blackwater swamp, and you might even get up-close with an alligator (we did!).

Hmm, maybe I missed my calling, should have been a travel agent or something, LOL! You guys let me know when you're planning to be in my area, ok? I love to be a tour guide!


Heather said...

Cypress Gardens was in the Patriot?! I'll have to tell E; we found it when we were trying to find the one from The North and South. I was in the early throes of PE (undxed then) with N and my feet looked like trapped sausages, and he forced me on a plantation tour. I *love* where you live -- hoping to get back there soon.

BTW Thanks for visiting my blog :)!

Amy said...

I could really use a change of scenery...I wish I could just pack up the family and come on down (the cold and snow is starting to get too dreary for me).

tafkalorelei said...

Sounds awesome girl! Maybe our next p/e survivors trip can be out your way! LOL!