Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OMG, now what?

Ok, my job situation just got a heck of a lot more complicated.

DH forwarded an email to me.....from the Music Supervisor in the district where he teaches. This man is a friend of ours, a fabulous guy whom I've known from back when I used to teach in that district too (1993-2001). Well guess what? He's retiring!

All along, since taking this current job, I've been debating each year about whether to leave here and try to get back into that district (BCSD). And I've always said "well, F is my connection there, so if I'm going back to BCSD I'd better do it before F retires". He knows me well, and DH too, and likes us. I sing in a community chorus with him. 3 years ago, he offered me a job in BCSD, and I turned it down, saying "I want to give this job a fair chance, and feel like I've done all I can here before leaving". Well, is that time now? I think F would pretty much give me any job I wanted in BCSD.....but when he's gone, I'm just another music teacher looking for a job, and I will stand out from the others in no way whatsoever.

I feel like I'm on a ship that's moving in one direction, and being approached by another ship going the opposite way. They're about to cross paths, and if I want to jump off of my ship and onto theirs, this might be my only chance. If it passes by, it may not pass again and I'll have missed the opportunity. Is this a sign? A signal that now's the time to jump? I've been asking for a sign, a way to know what do to for this difficult now what?


Amy said...

It sounds to me like this is your chance girl. I know you've been having a difficult time getting students where you are now, maybe this is just what you need to keep on doing what you love so much! I'm probably not helping one bit, but I just had to put in my two cents. :)

tafkalorelei said...

I agree with Amy. You've not been truly happy for a while. Jump ship girl!

Jen said...

Go for it Jen! Ethan is getting to be a big boy and now may be the right time.